Why is my Yorkie Whining for Attention? FIND OUT

Does your Yorkshire Terrier cry a lot? It’s just a phase and he is probably seeking attention. Let him sit with you as if you are watching the computer or the TV.

Provide him with the attention he needs but if it’s too much then a stern ‘NO’ should teach him. If he is bored, get him some chew treats or bones, those typically keep them occupied.

Why is my Yorkie Crying for attention?

Yorkies cry for attention because they’re such crybabies. My trainer recommends ignoring the behavior you don’t like when they’re vying for attention, such as jumping up and barking.

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Try this – turn your body away from the dog and simply continue with what you’re doing. It could take months before the behavior is corrected but with persistence, it does work eventually.

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When you do not react to their cries, they’d learn that freaking out doesn’t do them any good.

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Why is my Yorkie Whining for Attention

Why is my Yorkie Whining for Attention?

Your Yorkie is a pack animal and need an actual connection to us. In the wild, they would do play time with other members of their pack by working together and laying on them when resting.

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To dogs, this is important. As a puppy, a canine is charged with curiosity and energy and this baby needs more exercise and stimulation that you’d get.

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Kong toys, a run in the garden, squirrels in the tree/stump, lots of squeaky toys and all are good but unless you mentally and physically connect with your little one beyond just the occasional playtime and give him the quality time that a dog thrives on, you are denying a canine one of his life’s greatest actual needs in order to be a happy and fulfilled dog.

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Just because you are there in the room with your dog is not enough – they need interaction, fun play, mental stimulation, fun training and exercise.

Talk to your baby with one-words so he gets that mommy is busy. Give toys and treats as you go about your daily activities. When you get the chance, engage in real interaction, especially with a puppy.

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So, start a good training program, add different fun games and talk to that baby often so that a connection is formed with your little pack animal.

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