SO, Why Does My Yorkie Sleep Under the Bed? SEE HERE!

Should I worry that my Yorkie is sleeping under the bed? Well, as far as his health is fine, is not in pain – causing isolation – then I believe he probably is changing his routine.

Why Does My Yorkie Sleep Under the Bed?

Your Yorkshire Terrier is hiding under the bed (or another dark, small area) because they find it a comfortable place to relax and take a nap in.

  • Answering Nature’s call

Being den animals means they like small, contained spaces as it helps them relaxed and safe. He or she might go under the bed to enjoy the cooling effect of fresh, or untouched carpet.

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If you notice he like going under your bed due to it being a dark, contained space, then you need to recreate a similar environment like this in your home. For instance, a kennel or crate with a soft bed can be covered with a large cloth or blanket to make a look-alike spot!

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Other reasons your dog might be sleeping under the bed include:

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Why Does My Yorkie Sleep Under the Bed

  • Illness or anxiety

A dog that suffers from body aches, for example, may search for a tight place to disappear to for a bit.

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During storms or loud parties, your dog may choose to hide due to the overwhelming anxiety feeling these situations cause.

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By being tucked away under the bed, your dog can enjoy a separateness from the stress and deafening sounds.
If you think something is wrong with your dog, then we recommend taking him to the vet, just to be sure.

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