Why Does My Yorkie Sleep On Top of Me? + SOLUTION

Your Yorkie sleeps on top of you because you provide them comfort and security. They value you and want to provide the same.

Why Does My Yorkie Sleep On Top of Me?

Laying close to their owner is also a Yorkshire Terrier way of protecting what they love, even if there is aren’t dangers or threats lurking nearby

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Other reasons canines rest on their owner include:

  • It finds it more comfortable
  • It is being protective
  • It demands attention
  • It is warmer and safer
  • It is showing you love
  • It suffers from separation anxiety.
  • It is waiting for something
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Why Does My Yorkie Sleep On Top of Me

What to do about Your Dog Laying On Top of You?

Do you need your dog to quite laying on top of you? Follow the following steps:

  • Never encourage the behavior
  • Provide it a doggy bed for best comfort
  • Enroll him in a training program
  • Speak to your vet on ways your canine can be cured from separation anxiety.
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