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Why Does My Yorkie Cry for No Reason? What Can I Do?

Canine whine, whimper or “cry” can mean one of a million things.

Now, if they scoot or cry it could be that their BM has stuck to the anus and will not allow another one out no matter how much pressure he exerts. If not attended to, this can cause some serious complications.

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If all is well with him, then she is most likely crying for attention. I don’t advice picking her up every time she cries but maybe play some music, make soft claps or sing to her as you go along your daily work.

Why Does My Yorkie Cry for No Reason?

Unless feeling unwell, your Yorkie is most likely crying just to get your attention. They can be really spoiled babies at times especially if you have only one.

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Why Does My Yorkie Cry for No Reason

Why is my Yorkie Crying for No Reason?

There is no way a dog will cry for no reason. You need to find out why it is crying – does it need attention? Is it uncomfortable? Is it sick?

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Here are reasons why your dog could be whining:

  • Being uncomfortable

Injury or join issues will make your dog uncomfortable. If you notice this, book an appointment with your vet.
Being sick

If you notice one or more symptoms that shows your dog is whining because he is unwell, then it’s time to visit your veterinarian.

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Your vet, with years of experience will be able to decipher what’s going on with your pet.

  • Overwhelming Anxious Feeling­

A sudden change, like a new home, a new child, a change in your daily schedule, a new pet sibling, or -any number of factors – stress-related anxiety may result in whimpering or whining.

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A trip to the vet will uncover any underlying health issues.

  • Needing something

Your dog may begin to cry if they need attention from you or want you to give them something.

Actions like a belly rub, hunger or wanting to pee outside may warrant whining, crying or barking.

  • Out of Boredom

If boredom is the cause, ensure your dog gets his daily dose of exercise at least twice a day, which means more than just being let out in the yard. A tired dog is a content dog and a content dog doesn’t whine or cry unless something is wrong.

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