Why Do Yorkies Sleep with Their Tongues Out

Do all Yorkies sleep with their tongues out? Yes, all Yorkies let their tongues out for the following reasons: poor bite, breathing, panting, emotions, dental issues and hanging tongue syndrome.

All dogs stick their tongues out once in a while. Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, however, seem to let their tongue hang out more frequently than other dog breeds. There are several reasons why Yorkies might stick out their tongues.

8 Reasons Why Yorkies Sleep with Their Tongues Out

Yorkies sleep with their tongues when experiencing one of the following feelings: panting, poor bite, sickness, emotions, breathing, hanging tongue syndrome or dental issues.

The behavior is typically fine as far as your dog is not showing any other signs of sickness. Do not hesitate to take a trip to the vet’s office if you notice any other sickness symptoms.

  • Panting

All canine, including the Yorkshire Terrier breed, use their tongue as a way to cool off when they get too hot. They carry out this act by sticking their tongues and panting to suck in air quickly over the tongue.

That then evaporates the moisture on the tongue, cooling the blood in the tongue in the process. This cooled blood is then transported all through the body, slowly cooling it.

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  • Injuries, Sickness, and Neurological Problems

A Yorkie Terrier puppy or adult dog could also stick its tongue out to indicate that the dog is suffering from an injury, neurological problem, or illness.

If your Yorkie is acting strangely or it has a cracked yet dry tongue, it may need immediate veterinary care.

  • Poor Bite

Suffering from a poor bite or other anatomical issues makes it hard for dogs to keep their tongues in their mouths.

This issue is more occurring in mini dogs, such as Yorkies. So, simple comfort may be the reason why a Yorkie sticks its tongue out.

  • Introduction of New Medication

Different dogs react to medications differently. Suppose you recently administered a medicine to a Yorkie, and it sticks its tongue out. In that case, you should go ahead to consult a veterinary specialist to ensure it has its appropriate medication.

  • In a Relaxed Mood

Tongue sticking could also mean that your Yorkie is so relaxed that it just sticks it out. For instance, if a Yorkie was recently fed a yummy meal, played to its best capacity, or maybe lying close to its owner with its tongue outside can mean it is in perfect relaxation mode.

Yorkies, like many other dog breeds, may sometimes sleep with their tongues out. There can be a few reasons for this behavior:

  • Temperature Regulation:

Dogs regulate their body temperature through panting. If a Yorkie feels warm while sleeping, they may sleep with their tongue out as a way to cool down. By allowing their tongue to hang out, they increase the airflow around their mouth and aid in dissipating heat.

  • Breed Characteristics:

Some dogs, including Yorkies, have shorter muzzles or flat faces (brachycephalic breeds). These breeds may naturally have tongues that are more prone to sticking out during sleep or rest due to their facial structure.

  • Comfortable Sleeping Position:

Dogs can adopt various sleeping positions, and some may cause their tongue to fall out. For example, if a Yorkie sleeps on its back with its head tilted back, its tongue may naturally fall out due to gravity.


It’s important to note that occasional tongue protrusion during sleep is typically harmless and normal. However, if you notice excessive or persistent tongue protrusion while your Yorkie is awake or if it’s accompanied by other concerning symptoms such as difficulty breathing, excessive panting, or changes in behavior, it’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian. They can evaluate your Yorkie’s overall health and determine if there are any underlying issues that need attention.

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