Why Do Yorkies Sleep On Their Back

Although Yorkies love to sleep on their side and in a curled position, some like to sleep on their tummy and back. A common scenario is when they’re relaxed and content.

5 Reasons Why Yorkies Sleep On Their Back

Yorkies sleep on their back to completely relax their muscles and show that they’re deep in sleep. Yorkies, like many other dog breeds, may occasionally sleep on their backs. This behavior can have several possible explanations:

Comfort and Relaxation:

Sleeping on their back allows Yorkies to stretch out their bodies fully, providing a comfortable and relaxed sleeping position. It helps them release muscle and joint tension, promoting deeper and more restful sleep.

Temperature Regulation:

Dogs regulate their body temperature through different sleeping positions. When sleeping on their backs, Yorkies expose their bellies, which have less fur and are more sensitive to temperature. By exposing this area, they can cool down and dissipate excess heat, especially during warmer weather.

Trust and Vulnerability:

Sleeping on their back is vulnerable for dogs, as their vital organs and sensitive belly are exposed. When a Yorkie chooses to sleep in this position, it indicates a high level of trust and a feeling of safety in their environment. It suggests they feel secure and comfortable enough to let their guard down and relax completely.

Submission and Submissive Behavior:

Sleeping on their back can also be a submissive gesture. By exposing their belly and neck, Yorkies display submission and indicate that they pose no threat or challenge to others. This behavior is more common in dogs with a naturally submissive personality or who have been well-socialized and feel secure in their pack or family environment.

Habit or Preference:

Just like humans, dogs develop their sleeping habits and preferences. Some Yorkies find sleeping on their back a comfortable and enjoyable position. If they have experienced positive and restful sleep in this position, they may continue to choose it as their preferred sleeping posture.

So, Why Do Dogs Sleep in This Position?

Comfort is the no.1 reason your dog does this. Plus, sleeping on their backs exposes their belly, which regulates their body temperature as they fall asleep.

Look closely at your dog’s stomach, and you’d see that the layer of fur there is a lot thinner than the rest of their body, and unlike you and I, canines only have sweat glands on their paws, so baring their tummy is a great way for them to cool down.

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Dogs in the wild, or street dogs, do not exhibit this behavior. That is because the position translates to submission and leaves a dog incredibly vulnerable.

If your Yorkshire Terrier likes to sleep on their back, then it’s a good sign they feel super safe and secure around you.


It’s important to note that individual dogs may have unique sleeping preferences and behaviors. While sleeping on their back is generally considered normal and harmless, it’s essential to observe your Yorkie for any signs of discomfort or pain. If your Yorkie shows discomfort, avoids sleeping on their back, or experiences any changes in their sleeping patterns or behavior, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.

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