SO, Why Do Yorkies Cry So Much, so LOUD? FIND OUT

Dogs whine to communicate with us. It’s a medium of exppresisng how they really feel. The longer they do this, the more things/feelings they want to share.

Why do Yorkies Cry so much?

Yorkies cry so much to show sepration anxiety, or emotional distress when their owner leaves them alone or when they are confined in a place (like a crate) and wants to be free.

It could also mean he is hurt, in pains, and can become aggressive if not taken seriously.

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Why Do Yorkie Puppies Cry so Much?

Little Yorkies are popular for whining. Your puppy is crying so much because they’re bored or trying to tell you something.

Ensure there are lots of toys in his pen he could play with.

If you decide to ignore, he will learn that when he whines he gets no attention. And they don’t like that.

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Why Do Yorkies Cry So Much

Why Do Yorkies Whine So Much?

Whinning is general behaviour for pupies as this is one of thier fastest ways of communicating, and it is the counterpart of crying babies to get the attention of their mothers for food.

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Here are causes of whining in Dogs:

  • To Asking For Something
  • Expressing Pain Or Discomfort
  • Indicating Stress
  • Seeking Attention
  • Communication Excitement

How To Stop Whining in Dogs

Here are ways to figure out the cause and learn the reason before you address it.

Pay attention to the sound

All whining are not the same. The one for boredome will have a different tone and pitch from the one for pain.

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Use A Different Approach

As you handle your Yorkie, do so with carefulness if you notice the whine is different from the regular one. It means that they are in distress or pain.

Find The Source Of Whining

Like humans, digs too can experience phobias and fear. Once you know that fear, train it out of him.

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Give Them What They Want

Give your Yorkie what they want under special conditions. For instance, if they want to go out for a potty break, put them on a leash, and go outside. It is one way of handling this kind of scenario rather than reinforce indoor elimination.

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Improve Their Environment

Ensure there are enough toys in their pen. These will serve as tools of entertainment.


Basic excericise and training eliminates excessive whining. Excercise patience with consistency no matter what you do. You might not be able to get rid of the whining, but at least you can minimize it on a tolerable level.

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