When Do Yorkies Stop Teething? 4-8 Months? FIND OUT

Yorkies can chew for one of the following reasons:

1) Teething
2) Boredom
3) Anxiety

When Do Yorkies Stop Teething?

Yorkies stop teething by the 8 months old. Their teething begins around 4 months and ends on the 8th month.

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During teething period, your pet dog will chew on any material that he or she finds comforting. Unusual discomfort and itching are some other things they’d be going through.

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With no chew toys available, they’d chew on whatever offers relief. Remember, your puppy chews whatever items he or she have access to and will chew on the right items if you offer him.

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You should put objects you value out of reach. Items like your gavorite shoes, pocket books, magazine racks, clothes, keys, gym bags, briefcases, and anuything else that would normally be on the floor should be moved to areas where your dog cannot reach it.

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When Do Yorkies Stop Teething

Keep securely any wires and cords. That include phone chargers and extension cords.

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By doing that, you have depleted around 80% chances of what your puppy may chew on. For objects that cannot be moved e.g sofas, chairs, tables, etc, you should spray some apple-bitter on areas your puppy like to place his mouth on.

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These are products that will put a temporay bitter taste in your puppy’s mouth that will discourage him from ever chewing on that item again.

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The best way to help your Yorkie with teething is to supply a wonderful assortment of toys specially designed to help puppy teething woes. 

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