The oxgord dog ball launcher

The oxgord dog ball launcher has been designed to look like a war gun. It is very attractive and easy to carry about. You will be sure that you and your dog will love it.

The oxgord dog ball launcher

Oxgord Dog Ball Launcher Review 

The Oxford ball launcher design is not like every other regular ball launcher and that makes it very persuasive to play with.  

It will be perfect for dogs experiencing boredom and the already active fetch-loving dogs. Just pull the lever on the rear of the gun and the ball will be automatically launched. Then wait for your dog to fetch and retrieve it.

After retrieving the ball, you have to place the ball on the mouth of the launcher using the hands-free feature to reload it.

A slight noise may be produced immediately after the ball is launched out. But this sound is not the same as that produced from an actual gun.

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Despite its large crafty design, this ball launcher still provides so much ease when playing or carrying it about thanks to its lightweight, clastic nature and the ability to store balls on the toy itself.

Details And Features Of The Oxgord Ball Launcher

  • Two Squeaky Balls

The product comes with two squeaky balls. When squeezed these balls make sounds that grab the interest of your dog. 

The launcher can also work with other regular size tennis balls. 2.57–2.70 inches in diameter are compatible with the ball.

So if you already have other dog ball launchers like the ifetch and iDogmate their tennis balls will still be compatible with it.

  • Adjustable Spring

The spring length can be adjusted to alter the launch distance. 

To adjust the spring length extend the rod located behind the launcher. The spring length can be adjusted up to 35 inches.

  • Ball Compartment

On the open mouth of the ball, the launcher can only take 1 ball at a time.

But it comes with built-in ball holders by the side that can accommodate extra 2 balls.

Benefits Of Using The Oxgord Ball Launcher

  • It’s another way to have super fun and exercise with your dog.
  • It can launch balls up to 50ft.
  • Not only will your dog learn agility and visual sharpness by chasing the ball but you as the dog owner will learn how to shoot targets with precision.
  • It’s ergonomically friendly.
  • It can be separated for compatibility when moving with it about and it also includes a shoulder trap to place it on your shoulder when moving about.
  • The launch distance is adjustable to allow you to use it when indoor. You can adjust it by pulling the rod behind the gun.
  • Versatility- it can work with other standard size tennis balls apart from the ball that comes with it.
  • The ball can travel up to 50 feet when you fully pull the spring.

Product Information Of The Oxgord Ball Launcher


LIFE STAGE:    Adult

BREED SIZE: Suitable for Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, and Large Breeds


MATERIAL: Hardened plastic (polypropylene) for a long-lasting and durable launcher.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 7.5 inches for the length of the launcher and the muzzle/ gun mouth measures 3.75 inches.

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Pros Of The Oxgord Ball Launcher

  • The gun is not powered by a battery so your money is saved. All you have to do is to pull the spring on the end of the gun to launch the ball.
  • It is good for a long play session.
  • This adjustability of the distance is useful for indoor use.
  • The hands-free feature helps you pick the ball from the ground.
  • This launcher is perfect for active dogs.

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Cons Of The Oxgord Ball Launcher

  • The noise produced when pulling the trigger can scare dogs.
  • The device doesn’t travel too far distances, unlike other manual launchers. It has a maximum of about 50 feet.
  • Spring is made of metal instead of silicone and that makes it a bit inconvenient to pull.
  • The launcher may not shoot the ball to its potential of 50ft.

Note: To ensure it launches to its full potential, ensure you fully pull back the spring.

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