OxGord Bazook-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

How many times have you played fetch and were disgusted every time you had to touch a slobbered, dirt-covered tennis ball?

I’d say the majority of you.

But with several new dog ball launchers being created, OxGord Bazook-9 is one of the many that solves this problem (and a lot more – I’ll explain later).

This military-like bazooka is similar to another one called the Hyper Pet K9 Kannon. And although they’re very much alike, the OxGord has some other features that make it a lot more fun and entertaining.

No matter how childish this toy might seem (I thought it was too in the beginning), it always ends up being a fantastic time for both you and your pup.


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Regular Fetch Is Simply Boringte

Playing fetch with just you, your pup, and a tennis ball is simply boring.

Just think back to the last time you played fetch…

I’m sure you’ll agree that it was fun in the beginning. But eventually, you got tired, dirty, and overall uninterested. You might have even hurt yourself throwing the ball so many times, and bending over to pick it up off the floor.

And if this sounds like you, then don’t you think it’s time for a change?

After all, fetch is still a game. It’s supposed to be fun for both of you.

But when you’re spending all your time being a ball-throwing machine for your pup, it gets super repetitive. And that’s not fun, is it?

Of course not!

Which is why the OxGord Bazook-9 ball launcher is so great…

Why You Need A OxGord Bazook-9

Again, however much this launcher might seem like a toy just for kids, almost everyone will have fun using this launcher (even if you’re just watching). And for several reasons…

Imagine for a second you got your own OxGord Bazook-9.

You’re a bit skeptical at first. But you take it to the yard with your pup to give it a go.

You load the ball in, pull the handle, and then pull the trigger…


And in just 3 quick steps, this toy rocket launcher sends the ball flying straight into the air for your dog to fetch.


Now, with this bad boy in your hands:

  • You never have to throw a ball again
  • You never have to risk injuring your arm
  • You’ll never get tired and stop short

And most importantly, you never have to pick up a nasty, filthy tennis ball with your bare hands.


I’ll show you in a minute, but first, there’s one thing you need to know…

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OxGord Bazook-9 Tennis Ball Launcher Gun

Small Problem With The OxGord Bazook-9

As fantastic a launcher as the Bazook-9 is, there’s one problem you may come across.

And that is, it’s quite loud.

Now, most dogs don’t have a problem with the noise. But because it’s a new toy for your pup, he might get a little scared at first.

This is to expected with any new toy you show your pup. However, as you continue to use it, your pup will be completely comfortable with this launcher. He might even get super excited and wag his tail the next time you bring this out.

Now, onto how you can pick up a tennis ball with this launcher…

How To Use The OxGord Bazook-9

OxGord Bazook-9 is lightwight

The OxGord Bazook-9 is a very simple and straightforward dog ball launcher. Even a child can figure it out.

Just load a ball, pull the handle, and shoot.


But what truly makes this a fantastic toy is you can pick up a tennis ball with the launcher itself. Just pull the handle back at least one click, and with the opening end, all you have to do is press it down over a ball on the floor, and it’ll grab hold of it.

Then from there, you’re ready to launch another one into the distance!

How far?

On Amazon, they advertise it to shoot up to 50 feet. But most have found it to go up to 40 feet. Which is still more than enough. And is expected with almost all dog ball launchers.

To see the OxGord Bazook-9 in action, just watch this quick video:

As you can see, the OxGord has several cool features to it…

  • The Bazook-9 has a built-in ball holder that can hold up to two regular-sized tennis balls. That way, everything is in one place and you don’t have to carry tennis balls around in your pocket.
  • The Bazook-9 has a shoulder-strap. Not only does this add to the feel of a real rocket launcher, but it also makes for easy carry and transportation.
  • The Bazook-9 has several distance settings. The handle on the back is numbered from 1-9, and the farther you pull it back, the farther you can shoot the ball (up to 40 feet max).

And lastly, when you order this launcher, you also get two free squeaky tennis balls.

They’re not the best in the world, but if you have a smaller pup, these work fantastic. Plus, they squeak!

But the better option is to use regular tennis balls. Not only because it’s more sturdy, but the Bazook-9 launches them even further!

OxGord Bazook-9 Review

These type of dog ball launchers are nothing new.

But they’re definitely a life-saver for someone who physically can’t throw a tennis ball. As well as for someone who hates picking up a slobbery ball.

With its ease of use, amazing features, and launching distance, you can be sure your pup is going to love this thing.

And don’t forget, for children, they love it even more!

The OxGord Bazook-9 really is a great launcher. And as I’m writing this, it’s the least expensive one of it’s kind, while providing a lot more features!

Click here to get yours now

Just imagine how much more fun playing fetch will be now…

No more bending over backwards and straining yourself from throwing a ball all day!

Do yourself, and your pup, a favor by getting yours today.

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