Barks Anti-Barking Device REVIEW

The No more barks anti-barking device allows you stop extreme barking in just a click of button.

No More Barks™ will work for any dog irrespective of age, or barking habits. It is safe since it uses advanced ultrasonic technology. Therefore, your pet dog can be trained without the use of punishment or force.


  • Immediately stop excessive jumping, barking & aggressive behavior
  • Allows for easy training without punishment or force
  • Pocket-sized portability for taking out on walks
  • It uses high-frequency ultrasonic sounds that are not audible to humans


No More barks Anti-Barking Device REVIEW


  • Ease of Use,

The One-Button Operation of No More Barks™ device allows you have control of a situation even when holding your dog by its leash.

Once your dog begins to misbehave or bark, simply press the large central button and the device will release a high-frequency ultrasonic tone that only it can hear.

  • Only Your Dog hears the Sound

No More Barks™ advanced ultrasonic technology instantly distracts your dog from their unwanted behaviours.

Since Human ears cannot detect ultrasonic sound waves, the sound will not bother you, your family members, or passersby when out walking your dog.

  • Great for Training Any Breed of Dog

No More Barks™ has been vetted by hundreds of professional dog walkers, dog trainers, & vets from all over the world.

  • Instantly Stops Excessive Barking

All it takes to stop excessive barking and other unwanted behavior is a single button push.

The ultrasonic sound distracts your canine from the barking trigger.

  • Portable and works

Being lightweight means the Bark no more device can be carried along with you almost everywhere.

  • Safe, Humane & Pet-Friendly Punishment

With Bark no more training tool™, you can effectively train your dog for better behaviour without physical punishment in less time, ensuring your dog never loses their love for you and keeps their tail wagging.

  • Has multiple functions

It also works to correct other behaviors such as aggression, chewing, jumping, digging, fighting with other canines and more.

  • Integrated Laser Pointer for Further Distraction & Games

The Anti-barking No more barks device has an integrated laser pointer to give your pet another means of distraction from their unwanted behavior, or simply for playful or fun games.

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