Kong Dog Ball Launcher

Playing the tennis ball fetch and chase game with our dogs can be so interesting and time consuming making our arms feel weary or tired after having a nice fun. The Kong dog ball launcher has been made to provide a solution to this.

The kong ball launcher only requires minimal effort to make a long and accurate throw. This Is possible through the spring-flex technology in it.

Kong Dog Ball Launcher

Kong Dog Ball Launcher Review

The kong ball launcher is a unique launcher, designed for easy use and fits the ball sizes 2-inches to 3.5-inches in diameter.

It has a unique patented technology with a hands-free pickup and dispenser bag in the handle.

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This launcher is suitable for all dog’s life stages and can launch balls to a 60 feet range.

Features And Details Of The Kong Ball Launcher

  • Manual Launcher

The manual launcher is suitable for all dogs’ life stages.

It also works with other tennis balls of sizes 2-inches to 3.5-inches.

  • Balls

The product comes with free large and medium Air KONG SqueakairTM balls that are approximately 7cm in diameter.

The balls are non-toxic and are of medium-hard rubber material. This material is perfectly suitable for adult dogs as the ball won’t be easily chewed.

Another advantage of the rubber is that it gives an unpredictable bounce on landing, grabbing the focus and attention of your dog when trying to get it.

  • Handsfree Pick Up

With the hands-free pickup, you don’t need to worry about getting slobbery balls or bending your back to pick up the ball.

You simply put the hands-free device on the ball and it automatically picks it up for you.

And it is also useful for the elderly and the disabled who don’t have to bend to pick up the ball when using it.

  • Spring Flex Technology

The spring flex technology enables you to effortlessly launch the ball.

  • Adjustable Slider

The slider can accommodate a variety of ball sizes.

  • Bag Dispenser

The dispenser handle carries standard-sized pick-up bags.

Product Information

Item Package Dimensions: (L x W x H) 21 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches

Item Dimensions: (LxWxH) 3 x 5.5 x 23.8 inches

Item Weight: 0.61 Pounds

Brand Name: KONG

Manufacturer: KONG

Pros Of The Kong Ball Launcher

  • Regular use of the kong balls will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles.
  • With the launcher, your hands are kept clean as you don’t have to pick up balls with your hands.
  • The squeaking noise adds fun to the fetch game.
  • This launcher is great for training, exercising, and playing with all types of dogs.
  • The balls are non-toxic.
  • They have great bounces.
  • The product comes with holes for binding treats to make more fun with your dog.
  • The tennis balls are long-lasting and do not puncture easily.
  • It is suitable for chewy dogs that enjoy chewing tennis balls.
  • The kong balls are strong and durable.
  • It has two rolls of pick-up bags with handles included.

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Cons Of The Kong Ball Launcher

  • The balls may not come out of the launcher when you attempt to launch it.
  • The launch distance is short.
  • It is hard to adjust.

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