iFetch Too Reviews

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with the original iFetch and want to buy it. But don’t know if you should because your dog might be too big.

If that’s the case, I have some good news for you… (And if not, this still might be the best thing you’ll read today)

There’s an iFetch specially made for larger dogs just like yours, called the iFetch Too.

But don’t get it twisted…

This is NOT only for big dogs.

iFetch Too Reviews

It’s for ALL dogs!

In fact, the iFetch Too is your best option despite how big or small your dog is.

It works just like the regular iFetch (drop a ball in and it shoots automatically).

But if you want a more versatile, safer, and overall better performing ball launcher, then you might want to get your hands on the iFetch Too instead.

Here’s why…

Why The iFetch Too?

iFetch Too comes with 3 tennis balls

Tired of playing fetch with your dog all day? Need a break?

Then this is the smartest investment you will make…

The iFetch Too does what any automatic ball launcher does, but better.

It launches the ball into the air for your dog to chase down, giving you a break and time to relax.

All you – or your dog – need to do is drop a tennis ball into the chute, and it’ll shoot the ball to your desired setting (more on this later). Just watch as your dog’s eyes light up the second the ball gets launched. And then quickly dashes away on his hind legs to go fetch it.

You’ll never see your dog so amped up and ready to go.

And now, with the iFetch Too, he can play fetch to his heart’s content – whenever and wherever!

The best part?

You don’t have to do a thing! In fact, you don’t even need to be there.

Your dog can play by himself and be entertained for hours on end.

But this isn’t what makes the iFetch Too a superior ball launcher…

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The iFetch Too Shoots Far

Can’t throw the ball far enough for your dog to enjoy playing fetch? Are you afraid of throwing out your own shoulder in the midst of playing?

Well with the iFetch Too, it can throw the ball as far as 40 feet!

iFetch Too works exceptionally well outdoors (indoors too)


Just push the button on the back to change the setting to either 10 feet, 25 feet, or 40 feet.

Want to play indoor?

No problem.

Switch it on. Push the button once to set it to 10 feet. Or if you have more room, push it again to set it to 25 feet. And the iFetch Too will work its magic.

What about outdoors?

Even easier.

The iFetch Too comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery (charger included). That means you can take this wherever you go. And because the battery is rechargeable, you can save some extra money!

On a beautiful sunny day, head out to the park, yard, or an open field. And set the iFetch Too on the ground. Place it on any setting (preferably 40 feet for maximum fun). Drop the ball in… And watch as the ball instantly flies into the air.

Perfect for a dog who needs a nice long throw.

Or even better, place it on the Random Setting. This makes the iFetch Too shoot the ball at different distances each time to keep your dog guessing, giving him a stimulating mental and physical workout.

But this is still just the beginning…

The iFetch Too Is Safer

This machine is bigger and more sturdy than the original.

And because of its size, it’s much safer for your dog to play with.

A common complaint you might have with automatic ball launchers is the ball hitting the dog in the face.

But with the iFetch Too, this rarely happens.

iFetch Too is nearly 3 times the size of the original

The iFetch Too stands at 13 inches tall (5 inches taller than the iFetch). So the trajectory point is much higher.

Now, the ball will almost always shoot over your dog’s head.

And another thing, the iFetch Too launches as soon as the ball drops in, faster than you can say “iFetch Too.”


Watch how fast it shoots in this video:

This tremendously reduces the risk of your dog getting hit. But only if he drops the ball while standing away from the opening.

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And even if he doesn’t, he’ll still have just enough time to take a few steps back to avoid direct impact.

The only time your dog might get hit is if he tries to jump and catch the ball mid-air. If that happens, there’s really not much you can do but accept how much he loves playing fetch.

The iFetch Too Launches Regular Tennis Balls

This is the biggest advantage you get with the iFetch Too. It uses regular-sized tennis balls (2.5-inch diameter). And comes with 3 of them when you order.

One of the biggest problems with most ball launchers is they only shoot mini tennis balls. Which is a potential choking hazard for larger dogs.

But in this case, the iFetch Too fixes that problem.

It can launch any ball that is within 2.4 inches – 2.7 inches in diameter.

So if your pup has a favorite ball, it just might fit in the iFetch Too.

This makes training easier and faster.

Speaking of training, make sure to watch this video (made by the company themselves) showing you how to train your dog to drop the ball into the iFetch Too.

iFetch Too Reviews

The iFetch Too is easily the best model out of the three iFetchs for many reasons…

To recap:

  • As with all the iFetchs, your dog can play fetch by himselfNow whenever you’re too tired to throw the ball, or just not in the mood, simply turn on the iFetch Too and your problem is solved just like that.
  • iFetch Too is perfect for big and small dogs. Because it uses regular sized tennis balls, it reduces the risk of choking. Almost any dog is capable of playing with a regular tennis ball.
  • iFetch Too shoots much farther. Launching up to 40 feet, your dog will get great exercise. Plus, it’s a lot more fun seeing your dog go far to fetch a ball.
  • iFetch Too is safer. You never have to worry about your dog getting hit with the ball. It shoots much higher, and much faster. Leaving tiny room for mistakes.

And most important of all, it has a built-in rechargeable battery! You can take this wherever you go.

As you can clearly see, the iFetch Too provides supreme convenience in all areas.

All you need to do now is get your own! Start training right away. And in just a few days, your dog can start playing fetch all by himself.

Imagine how cool that would be…

Everyone that sees your dog playing with the iFetch Too, will wish their dog could do the same.

This is the best toy you can buy for you, and your dog.

Get yours today because if you don’t have the time or energy to keep playing fetch, you need this!

Click here to get your iFetch Too now!

P.S. The iFetch comes with a 1-year warranty. If your iFetch doesn’t work, they’ll fix or replace it for you. Just contact them. Great customer service!

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