iFetch ball launcher for small dogs

The iFetch ball launcher for small dogs is the most selling fetch toy suitable for small-medium size dogs. Thanks to the flexible features it has and the trust of consumers in the iFetch brand, owned by the Hamill family in Austin, Texas.

iFetch Ball Launcher For Small Dogs Review

 It allows for the independent launching and fetching of launch balls. All that your dog needs to do is to place the ball on the launcher and it’s automatically launched.

If you are considering getting one, ensure you read this review. It contains everything you need to know about it.

How Does The iFetch Launcher For Small Dogs


 First, you need to ensure that the battery is charged before use. It requires about 14 hours for a full battery charge.

The iFetch automatic ball launcher for small dogs comes with an AC Adapter and 6 C-cell rechargeable batteries that power it. When switched on, the launch distance is selected.

There are three available distances to choose from. You can set it at 10, 20, and 30 feet launch distance. There is also a random distance setting that randomly changes the launch range. 

After selecting the distance, give your dog the ball to drop it on top of the machine. Immediately afterward, the ball will be automatically launched. Wait and see how your dog comes chasing and fetching the tennis balls till it gets exhausted.

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It’s beneficial that you train your dog to launch it independently. You don’t have to keep placing the ball on the launcher and your dog can have as much fun as it wants when doing it independently.

Features And Details Of iFetch Launcher

  • Automatic Launcher
  • The automatic launcher launches the tennis ball without the owner having to press any launch button.
  • Small-scale Tennis Balls
  • This ball’s size is perfect for small and medium dogs. 
  • It comes with 3 small-scale tennis balls that are 40mm in diameter. 
  • Launch-distance Setting 

You can choose the launch distance that you want just by pressing the distance settings button. The available distances are 10, 20, and 30 feet, unlike the iFetch too for large dogs whose maximum distance is 40 feet.

There are also settings for the ball to be launched at random distances.

Why You Should Have The iFetch Launcher

  • It’s a healthy way for your dog to play, have fun, and exercise.
  • It is useful for small size dogs.
  • It is good for the mental and physical health of your dog. The running improves your dog’s speed and agility.  The launching and fetching sharpen the alertness and concentration of your dog.
  • It teaches your dog independence.
  • The variable launch distance gives your dogs flexibility and more fun. 

Pros Of The iFetch Launcher

  • The product is worth your money.
  • It has a high battery life, it’s sturdy, durable, and thick.
  • It produces very little noise. You don’t have to disturb your environment when using it.
  • The 3 miniature tennis balls are made of non-abrasives to be gentle on the teeth.
  • It is good for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The iFetch automatic ball launcher for small dogs comes with a one year warranty.
  • They have available and helpful customer care in Austin, Texas, for support. They can be contacted via email at this address [email protected]. Customers can also reach them by phone at 512-219-3271. 

Be sure to check out the FAQs page before contacting them. 

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Cons Of The iFetch Launcher

  • The ball can get stuck on the machine.
  • The rubber on the gear wears off over time and produces hissy sounds.
  • The launcher turns off after 60 seconds when there are no balls on it. This keeps your dog waiting until someone is there to switch it back on.
  • When the ball is launched from the front, the launch can be potentially harmful to your dog. It could hit it at the eyes, nose, or mouth. (Always ensure you train your dog to launch the ball from behind visit the instructional manual and training tips for more.)

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