The iDogmate ball launcher is beautifully designed for your pet

Pets aren’t human, they need toys that they can relate to. A toy that will make them feel happy, and curious to play with. The iDogmate dog ball launcher is a pet-centered design and has the characteristics given above.

This dog ball launcher is intentionally made to be a top-class, holistic, and attractive launcher to your pet. This beauty in the iDogmate ball launcher enables your pets to feel healthy and happy when using it.

The iDogmate dog ball launcher is beautifully designed for your pet

The iDogmate Dog Ball Launcher Review

The iDogmate ball launcher comes with a patented technology that uses an arced wheel design on the launcher mouth to prevent wet or slobbery balls from being stuck and increase shooting distance.

The launcher has a height of 6.25 inches that making it suitable for puppies, small dogs, and medium-sized-sized dogs.

There is also a larger model known as the iDog Midi launcher that is suitable for mid to large size dogs and for small dogs with bigger mouths.

To make use of the full iDogmate’s automated ability, you should train your dog to play with it independently. With the right training, your dog can launch the ball itself properly.

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Nevertheless, you could also take part in the fun and launch the ball for your beloved dog.

Features of The iDogmate Ball Launcher

  • Three Tennis Balls

It comes with three tennis balls that are non-abrasive on the teeth.
It has two tennis ball models to choose from, the iDogmate 1.75-inch tennis ball, and the 1.75-inch dura foam ball.

  • Large Launcher Mouth

The Launcher Mouth is 4.75 inches in width and it is compatible with balls that have a size of 1.65 to 1.75 inches in diameter.

With this large launcher mouth, your small dogs or puppies can easily reload the iDogmate launcher with a maximum of four balls in it.

  • Power

It comes with an AC adapter and a rechargeable Li-ion battery to power it.

The AC adapter is 90 degrees to prevent accidental removal.

When fully charged for about 13 hours it can launch up to 250 tennis balls.

  • Adjustable Distance

The launch distance Is adjustable to 10, 20, 25, 30, and 35 feet.
It also has a random distance setting included.

You can switch between these 4 distances or select the random setting to keep your dog guessing and make the play thrilling.

Automatic Power Saver or Timer
The launcher automatically shuts down if no ball is inside it after some time to save power.

  • Remote Control

The remote control sets the distance without having to go near the launcher.

Patented Wheels Design And Internal Ball Pusher
This is a technology of the iDogmate brand that prevents slobbery balls from being stuck.

Pros Of The iDogmate Ball Launcher

  • The rechargeable battery technology is economical compared to buying cell batteries that get replaced regularly.
  • The balls are washable.
  • The running and fetching exercise is beneficial to your dog’s health.
  • It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The product comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The launcher can load at most four balls. This means that you don’t have to refill the launcher each time you launch a single ball.
  • The product is worth the money and small dogs and puppies will find it useful.

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Cons Of The iDogmate Ball Launcher

  • The launch distance gradually decreases when it runs on the rechargeable batteries.
  • The dogs could chew the balls.
  • The wireless ability can stop working.
  • The battery doesn’t last long.

Precautions and Tips When Using The Idogmate Ball Launcher

  • Ensure that you go through the operation manual before using the launcher.
  • Don’t use too small balls otherwise, they will get stuck in the machine.
  • Use the appropriate tennis size depending on the size of your dog.

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