Don’t worry about your fetch crazy active dog that never gets tired after so many fetch sessions. The hyper dog tennis ball launcher is just the perfect one for it.

Hyper dog ball launcher shoots ball over 200 feet

Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Review

The hyper dog ball launcher shoots the ball to over 220 feet with just a single pull of the sling. You will be surprised to see your dog get popped up and happy like never when fetching for the ball.

Playing with this launcher is not only engaging to your dog. The happy thrill of having to see your next sling-shot go a farther distance than your earlier shot will make it fun and addictive to you.

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So, be sure to get this launcher and both of you will be enjoying the fun right away.

Features And Details Of The Hyper Dog Launcher

  • Rubber Sling/Tubing

The elastic rubber sling can shoot the ball to a range up to 200 ft. when pulled. Please note that launching the tennis ball to a long-distance requires some effort.

  • High-Quality Steel

The hyper dog tennis ball launcher is made of rust-resistant high-grade steel.

  • Hands-Free Ball Pick Up

With the hands-free pickup, you don’t have to worry about bending your back to pick balls up.

  • Four Tennis Balls Included

The toy is compatible with small, normal, or oversize tennis balls.

The balls are also durable and softer to be safe for your dog’s teeth.

You should use a ball size that fits the size of your dog.

The extra hard tennis balls may be suitable for dogs that chew softer ones. But ensure that it’s safe on their teeth.

  • Patented

The hyper dog ball launcher comes fully patented. So, be rest assured that it is the best that you got.

Product Specifications

Length: Approximately 28cm, 11 inches long.

Item Package Dimensions:(L x W x H) 12.13 x 6.61 x 2.76 inches.

Item Dimensions:(LxWxH) 11.5 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches.

Item Weight: 0.79 Pounds.

Brand Name: Hyper Pet.

Material: Steel.

Age Range Description: Suitable for all dogs’ life stages.

Allergen Information: Celery free.

Included Components: Hyper pet dog tennis ball, dog ball launcher.

Specific Uses Of Product: Dog toy.

Pros Of The Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

  • It is useful for exercises and training for both you and your dog.
  • You learn how to aim targets with slingshots at the same time your dog improves his/her agility and eyesight when chasing the tennis ball.
  • Its high range distance of about 200ft provides longer running and fun and improves the physical strength of your dog.
  • When damaged, the parts are replaceable. You can purchase the toy’s sling tubing or rubber when it’s damaged for under $6. The tubing size is around 0.5″.
  • The launcher is detachable, so you can easily store and transport it.
  • No worries about touching slobber balls or bending your back to pick up the ball with the hands-free mechanism.

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Cons Of The Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

  • It is a little bit cumbersome to move around.
  • The launcher may not be durable after 6 months.
  • The replaced rubber may not function like the previous one.
  • Your arms may fatigue after slinging shots.
  • The rubber band seems not durable.
  • Not suitable for a small playing space due to the far distance it covers.

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