How To Register A Dog With AKC Without Papers

Unfortunately, you cannot get your puppy registered under AKC, without providing the necessary papers. During registration; you will need a few pieces of information which include: sex, markings, colour, name and address of acquired personality, date of birth, name of breeder, names and amount of sire and dam, registered name and number; which could be your litter’s number, provided your dog is unregistered.

It is always bad whenever you want to register an unregistered puppy or dog; it lays a great impact on admittance in a dog show, breeding opportunities in time, and pricing system as sales is concerned. All dog registries have different policies and rules, ranging from AKC, KC, CKC, and UKC.

Allow me to take it bit by bit, the United Kingdom Kennel Club only registers pups based on their companion or activity, pedigree dogs are what they would not register.

On the other hand, the American Kennel Club, do not venture into registering a dog except if all necessary papers are made available. The United Kennel Club strongly request dogs’ papers before permanently registering them.

Notwithstanding provided that your dog has two UKC parents; you can register your dog under a single registration. By then, you would be able to enjoy all the benefits attached to UKC registered dogs.

If you could make provision for three unbroken generational lines, the Canadian Kennel Club would register your puppy with and without the papers.

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Can I Register An Unregistered Bitch’s Puppies?

You will barely find a dog registry that offers registration over an unregistered puppy. No other reason, other than the lineage trace on each dog, which is carried out by club trace. The trace starts from the parents up to the present dog. All is to know if you own a purebred or a traceable dog.

American Kennel Club

Dogs whose parents were not initially registered under AKC are not registered by the AKC. The only reason remains that you are unable to tell if it is purebred or not.

There are alternatives to this, provided that your dog is purebred; you can reach out to the initial breeder, to know if there are AKC paperwork, initially. Other options are available as well, but this can take as long as the Mississippi.

Kennel Club

The British Kennel Club registers both sir and dam; the dam must have undergone registration during birth, while the sire must have been registered during mating. On the other hand, the litter must be UK-born; without these, your puppies cannot be registered.

A used foreign sire can be registered under KC, provided it resides in the UK, you need to know that this can be as difficult as anything. An application form along with a three-generation pedigree is needed from the foreign kennel club before your pup can be registered.

In cases where the initial owner is no longer in ownership, a token is required to be paid, to get your dog registered under Kennel Club. The fee is nothing more than £17; only that the processing takes the whole calendar.

Canadian Kennel Club

Do not venture into registering your dog with CKC, if the mother was unregistered with her. Only the dam can be registered with CKC if it has been registered with a well-known CKC organization.

At CKC, you have series of breed organization to select from, there, you get to know which allow purebred dogs who has no CKC registration, even if it is within their entire lineage.

All you have to do is to have a CKC canine application, while a photocopy of the dog’s registration document is need if only the pedigree is available. It perfectly works if parents and puppies are registered with CKC.

Should I Buy An Unregistered Puppy?

This decision lays a broad chest on the personal choice of both the buyer and the seller. You could have your reason for purchasing an unregistered dog, while the breeder could have his as well.

However, it is advised that you get your dog from a notable breeder, and ensure that the pup has been registered. It helps to know that the registration guidelines are met, and ethical breeding is practised. You can just engage your breeder in a detailed discussion as to why he has not registered his dog. Perhaps, he is known for dog breeding or he has mixed-breeds, asides from many other reasons. Keen discussion with him to have your mind cleared.

How Can I Get Pedigree Papers For My Dog?

Breeders are the only ones that have the pedigree papers of a dog, hence, you will have to reach out to one. Just to prove they are purebred, you will need to check out their lineage and see if they have an unbroken line on the family tree; which can only be begotten from the registry where the dog was registered.

Most times, such registries, got in hand, the dog’s paternal and maternal details. So, it may be that it escaped the breeder’s mind in passing down the papers to you, or that he has them unregistered.

To make things easier and faster, it is advised that you get a pup registration at a registry where the parents were registered; transferring documents becomes less stressful.

Is A UKC Registration Better Than AKC?

A UKC registration is not better than AKC, this is because they both have different targets and aficionados. Registration is basically on your breed of dog, and the kind of dog registration that suits; it could be AKC or UKC, or even something else.

You may what to select a club with a few members, then UKC is the best option for that. Her members are not in high numbers, unlike AKC who run more events with a lot of members on board.

On the other hand, UKC dogs are not recognized by AKC at all, while the UKC recognizes AKC dogs. They may cause a deep influence on your course of registration; breeders with studs would prefer UKC. But the registry with larger members has more choices. It all depends on your preference.

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