Improve Eating Habits Of Your Pitbull

You’re lucky enough …

If you have a pitbull as your pet for they are always full of zip.


one of the strongest dog breeds !

So , make your pitbull also feel lucky by being their good companions.

Taking proper care of your bully’s diet , his eating habits is a crucial task and must be performed diligently.

Your dog might sometimes feel very hungry or may feel the loss of appetite at times or he may behave fussy while eating his food.

All this is due to poor eating and feeding habits.

  • Improper eating habits in Pitbulls include eating :
  • without proper chewing.
  • too much or too less.
  • very quickly.

Over eating , at times ! HaHa Raw Meal  Yam Yam.

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How to Improve Eating Habits of your Pitbull ?

Here are INCREDIBLE ways to improve eating habits of your pitbull.

4 ways to improve eating habits of your Pitbull :


A well – balanced meal refers to the one containing sufficient levels of nutrients and minerals required by pitbull for remaining active full day.

Pitbulls are usually prone to many chronic diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia , digestion problems and other skin ailments.

( What is elbow dysplasia ? )

A deficiency of required nutrients in their diet can be one of the triggers.

So dog food enriched with right amounts of proteins , fats , carbohydrates , veggies and vitamins should be fed.

This is definitely going to impact his eating habits.

Your pitbull won’t feel loss of appetite and hunger if he is fed with proper nutrients. He will eat the given dog food without any reluctance.

Ways To Improve Eating Habits Of Your Pitbull


You can feed your pitbull either following time basis method or freely.

If you feel his appetite fluctuates then go for the other method, i.e. , feed him freely without any proper schedule.

Fill your pet’s bowl with some raw diet in the morning and this will allow him to eat whenever he likes. When you go for timely feeding method , prefer to give him meals at least twice daily.

This will build his proper eating routine as the food will be served at regular intervals. The most common problem with Pitbulls is their habit of consuming food without proper chewing.

This improper eating habit is the major cause of digestion discomforts like diarrhea and gas. This can be avoided by giving a high protein rich andlow grain diet.


Always try to make your pitbull’s meal time a fun time for him so that he enjoys his meal.

Give his favorite toy to him along with food so that he doesn’t eat his food in one go.

Pitbulls have a tendency to eat food quickly,  so give your dog small meals instead of one large meal.


Pitbulls are a highly energetic dog breed.

Undoubtedly, they require a large sized meal to meet their daily requirements.

But over eating causes serious problems like obesity which further creates the risks of joint problems.

So, feed your pitbull at regular intervals while avoiding over feeding!

I hope this article will help you to understand your pitbull eating habits and you are able to improve it so that he can always remain happy andhealthy.

I’d really like to know what you guys think about “How to improve eating habits of your Pitbull” .

Do you disagree with any of the points I’ve made above?

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