How to Get a Yorkie To Sleep Through The Night in 3 STEPS

Is your fur-baby giving you a hard time? Do you feel like he is trying to torment you in your moment of rest? Well, the solution is here!

We’ll be going over how you can make him have a great night rest so that you too can rest your tiring body.

How to Get a Yorkie To Sleep Through The Night

Here are simple methods on how to put a yorkie to sleep and keep them that way all night:

  • Establish A Night Time Routine And Stick To It

By nature, Yorkies like to roam wild and free. But, they can be trained with ease and tend to be good boys when it comes to routines.

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Do you want your dog to sleep at a decent hour? Simply train them! By doing so, you can synch their sleeping routine to yours.

how to get a yorkie to sleep through night

  • Ensure their Dog Bed is Comfortable

Yorkshire terriers are quite fussy when it comes to the location of their den. It needs to be comfortable, warm and feel as snuggly as possible.

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We recommend MePet Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed. Your pet will love it!

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  • Engage them in fun activities till they tire

A simple yet effective way to get your Yorkie to sleep all night is to tire them. A quick way I do this is to have playtime in the afternoon or early evening so they are super tired and ready for bed when night comes.

  • Have A Potty Break Before Bed

A small bladder could be why your dog is awake at night. The solution here would be scheduling a potty break before bed time.

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That will help them hold their pee longer so they can enjoy maximum sleep time.

  • Try Sleeping Supplements

If everything fails, there is the option to try a sleeping supplement. Melatonin works the best here.

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Simply run the idea with your vet and they’d recommend what’s best for your little doggy.

Got any more tips? Let us know in the comment section below!

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