How To Create Famous Raw Food For Your Pitbull Puppy

Raw food diet for little puppies

… is in great trend these days.

All …

Because of the wide – ranging benefits it offers to our beloved pets.

All of us want our pets to be healthy and active all the time.

For this , you have to pay proper attention to your pet’s diet and his regular activities.

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Preferably , raw food is recommended for your pitbull puppy because :

  • promotes healthy digestion in pitbull and avoids digestion disorders like gas and diarrhea
  • It provides a healthier and shinier skin coat to your young pitbull
  • It increases the energy levels so that your pitbull puppy remains playful all the time
  • raises the muscle mass
  • provides immunity to your pitbull puppy to fight against deadly diseases
  • improves the overall health of your pitbull

So , definitely , raw food diet is best for your pitbull puppy.

But here comes the major problem !

Most of the people don’t really know that how to create raw food for their pitbull puppy or how to start this healthy raw food diet. If you are also in this kind of dilemma and looking for a smart solution then this article is surely going to be a great help !

First of all , be very sure about the proper nutritional requirements of your pitbull puppy.

You may also consult your vet for this.

The dog food must contain all the required nutrients in accurate proportions that a growing puppy needs.

The diet must be enriched with high level of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

It must also contain sufficient amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

Raw Food For Your Pitbull Puppy

Famous Raw Food For Your Pitbull Puppy

Here’s an example of a proper raw meal for your pitbull puppy :

  • Formula One

2 cups raw meat (chopped) like chicken, beef, duck, rabbit and water for quicker digestion (Pitbulls love these protein enriched foods).

  • Formula Two

Around 1 cup of raw fruits like bananas, pears, melons, blueberries, apples and veggies like cauliflower, green beans, okra, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, celery, parsley (these fruits and veggies are very healthy)

1 tbsp of flaxseed oil or fish oil (this improves digestion in your pitbull)

Water for drinking (it completes a perfect raw meal for your pitbull puppy)

So this was just a basic idea on how to set up a wholesome raw food for your pitbull puppy and of course you can make it in your own way as per the requirements of your pet.

  • Formula Three

For instance , you may also add plain yogurt , cottage cheese, raw eggs (only yolks, raw whites cannot be digested by Pitbulls) , wheatgrass or kelp.

Ensure that you mix all the ingredients and serve it as one big meal !

The main idea is to provide your pitbull with the sufficient amounts of proteins as it is the lifeline of highly energetic pitbulls.  And of course , other nutrients are also to be included.

But before you dig into your kitchen and start preparing raw food for your pitbull puppy , consider the following suggestions :

You should identify the right quantity of raw food for your pitbull puppy.

Each and every meal should consist of 75% meat and 25% fruits and veggies. These fruits and veggies must be finely chopped otherwise your pitbull will not be able to absorb them.

The bone and meat must be in equal proportion.

Consult your veterinarian to know the nutritional requirements of your pitbull puppy.

The goal of introducing raw food into your pitbull’s diet is to provide him with natural , homemade food instead of canned dog food.

So now it’s high time that you start serving raw food to your pitbull puppy using your own wit and creativity !

Remember , be careful about the nutrients.

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