Are you considering getting an attractive automatic ball launcher that your dog will love? Ensure that you read this Godoggo automatic dog ball launcher review.

Godoggo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher Review

The Godoggo automatic dog ball launcher comes with the fetch machine G4 and the Junior fetch machine.  Each machine has several compartments for holding many balls at once.

The fetch machine G4 is suitable for big dogs and operates with little sound while the junior fetch machine is suitable for smaller dogs.

Included in the fetch machine, is the time and distance settings that are adjustable.

The ball launch time is manually set 4, 7, and 15 minutes apart or done automatically using a remote control.

It comes with a lever located underneath the machine for adjusting the launch distance to small, medium or high.

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The launch distance depends on the ball size, shape, condition and manufacturer.

You can change the distance and time intervals using a remote control. It can shoot up to 35 feet. This depends on the weight, size, style, and brand of the tennis ball.

Although the product comes with a safety arc that doesn’t let the launch hit your dog, It is important that you train your dog to place the ball behind the launcher.

Features And Details Of The Godoggo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Lever Underneath Machine 

You can adjust the launch distance to low, medium & high using the lever located under the machine.

  • Power Unit

It has an AC power adapter and six rechargeable batteries to power it.

The power adapter is suitable for indoor use while the rechargeable batteries is suitable for outdoors.

  • Three 1.75″ To 2.6″ Ball Size

The product comes with ball sizes ranging from 1.75″ – 2.6″.  The launcher is compatible with these ball sizes and of different styles and brands.

The following ball brands are compatible with it: Kong Ball, Squeaker balls, Tuff Ball, Chuckit Balls, and more.

The Godoggo Junior Fetch Machine works with smaller size tennis balls of sizes 1.75″ to 2.25″.

The Godoggo G4 Fetch Machine works with standard tennis balls of sizes  2.5 inches.

  • Extra Ball Compartment

You can decide to not fill the extra compartment with a ball so that your dog learns to return the ball back and you can join in the fun with your dog.

You can also decide to fill up the extra compartments with balls to allow your dog play independently.

  • Big Mouth Bucket

Can contain many balls before launching it.

  • Safety Arc Design

Designed to keep your dog safe.

  • Ball Activated Auto Stop Feature 

It only launches the ball after loading the mouth bucket.

  • Ball Track 

The ball track can accommodate up to 25 balls depending on the size.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Use 

The following models are for indoor use DogGo FoamFetch 2.5, MegaFetch 2.5, or Chuckit Ultra Ball launcher.

  • Remote Control

Use the remote at a comfortable location to adjust the time and distance settings.

  • Instructional Manual

Please read the owner’s manual to get the most out of the Godoggo automatic ball launcher.

  • 6-Month Warranty

From the date of first purchase to a period of 6 months, purchasers of Godoggo automatic launcher are eligible for warranty.

  • Standard Spare Parts

The Godoggo automatic launcher comes with standard spare parts for easy replacement. 

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Pros Of Godoggo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Largemouth basket can accommodate many balls.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Has a timer to control the fetching and launching time.
  • Safety arc design prevents the ball from hitting your dog. 
  • Offers 6 months warranty.
  • Supportive Customer Service & Product Support Service.
  • There is a 30 Day Return Policy for damaged shipped products.

Cons Of Godoggo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Launcher may not go as far as possible.
  • The noise is not suitable for some dogs.
  • The launch path is more vertical to the ceiling than across it.

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