Dog Food Brands Marketing Lies

Best Dog Food Brands for Pitbulls ?

You must have come across many dog food brands flaunting of providing “the best dog food ever”.

  • Which is natural.
  • Preservative free.
  • Contains lesser calories.
  • Comes with superior nutrition.
  • Is scientifically formulated  and what not !

But the question is …

How much of this is true in real sense ?

Dog Food Brands Marketing Lies

These dog food brands use such convincing and persuasive marketing taglines that consumers are easily fooled and companies sales target are easily achieved !

According to a study , around 17-17.5 billion is being spent by Americans on pet food alone.


So this makes dog food brands to concentrate on aggressive marketing strategies.

Some “fake gurus” leave no stone unturned to make you believe that their specific dog food brand is the best.

These dog food brands would use the cheapest quality ingredients and through their commercials and marketing strategies tell us that it is one of the kind !

Whenever you buy dog food , one major thing you need to know is the nutritional requierements of your pet.

So , it is advisable that you look on the labels of the different dog food brands which are supposed to carry the required information.These can be misleading at times , but this article will help you to figure out everything correctly. Always remember what they show you in advertisements and what you actually are completely different things.

Let’s have a look at the major marketing lies by these dog food brands.

5 Major Marketing Lies that will Leave You Astounded:

  • Superior Nutrition or Deadly Ingredients : Most of the top dog food brands claim of providing best quality dog food with superior nutrition.

But in reality, they actually have some deadly ingredients in store that can make our dear pets prone to many ailments like digestive ailments,allergies and infections and even their demise. Instead of using good – quality meat , they use cheap quality meat to maximize their profits.

These money minting dog food brands don’t really care about your pet’s health.

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All they want is money.

As a consequence , what ultimately go into your dog’s bowl are diseased leftovers used by these dog food brands. In fact , these dog food brands contain neither high level of proteins nor any wholesome ingredients.

  • Labels too can be deceptive : Yes , that’s hard to believe, but unfortunately it’s the harsh reality. Let me make it clear with an example.

If a dog food brand affirms that their dog food contains 100% beef or meat or 100% natural ingredients , then trust me , it is probable that it’s false …

It is not necessary natural always mean ORGANIC.

Organic means production without the use synthetic elements.

But dog food contains all kinds of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

Then there comes another aspect  :


Ingredients are listed on the label along with their respective weights. Chicken being the key ingredient is listed on the top with the highest weight.

But you must know the weight written includes the weight of water in the chicken as well. But during production water is taken out and labels mislead you with the wrong weight. These witty dog food brands would say that they have used high levels of chicken.

“Preservative- free”, really? : They say the food is preservative- free, but ask them is it really true ?

O My GOD – don´t read this ! ! !


  • Synthetic preservatives

are added to dog foods to preserve them for a long period of time so that dog food does not stale if stored for a year. Some of the preservatives contain cancer causing agents which weakens the immune system of dogs and make them weaker.

  • “Vegetable protein”, where’s the health? : Dog food brands use vegetable protein as one of their core ingredients these days. They are replacing meat with vegetable protein , obviously , because it is cheaper.

But usage of this vegetable protein in high amounts is undesirable for pet’s health. Dog food brands containing vegetable protein are of poor quality and very unhealthy for dogs.

Scientifically formulated , still poor quality ! : One of the most common claim made by Dog food brands is that dog food is being provided to you after proper laboratory tests.

But the food still consists of bacterial toxins because these are not properly tested. This becomes the cause of many diseases in pets.

You need to be alert !

Consult your vet for the proper nutritional requirements of your pet.

Don’t get attracted by the catchy marketing slogans and appealing packaging used by dog food brands. Maybe this is just a trap for you and your pet!

Fake marketing gurus know how to con you by exaggerating each and every thing. It is you who have to act smartly.

We , hereby , care for your pets and understand the bond you share with your dogs.

So , being in veterinary services from last 15 years , we find it our duty to inform you everything and teach you to be alert !

So take your decision wisely rather than being fooled by “fake marketing gurus”.

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