Do Biewer Yorkshire Terriers Shed Hair or Fur? FIND OUT

A Biewer Terrier is a beauty to look at. They are a friendly dog breeed and do well with families. You are probably wondering – Can Biewer Yorkie Dog Shed?

Do Biewer Yorkshire Terriers Shed?

Yes, Biewer Yorkshire terriers do shed. However, not as much as other breed of dogs.

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It’s a misconception to believe that Biewer Yorkies do not shed at all. It has been proven that Yorkies go through a different coat shedding and growth shedding cycle than several other breeds.

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Do Biewer Yorkshire Terriers Shed

Because of their unique traits, Yorkshire Terriers often have less hairs sheds than your average dog, making them a perfect breed for people who dislike having pet hair around the house.

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