Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine Review

This will take you back to your childhood. Remember the bubble-filled days at the park? At the family barbecue? And by the pool?

Of course you do. And you’re not alone…

If you had a dog at the time, you know they love chasing and popping all those bubbles you blew. Just like you did when someone else blew them at you.

The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine brings back those fond memories.

Not only for you, but especially for your pooch.

And if you don’t think your pup will love this thing, think again…

Dogs Love It

All dogs love the Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine

Dogs are like children. It’s no wonder we treat them as if they’re one of our own.

They carry the same child-like essence and curiosity. They’re in awe (or fear) whenever something new is introduced to them.

Think about it…

You love gifting your dog new toys and treats. You always do it. But the second your dog sees it, it’s a hit-or-miss. They either run away, or run after it. Or sometimes, they get used to it.

With this Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine, however, almost all dogs love it at first sight.


The secret is in the bubbles…

Bacon Bubbles

The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine is compact and lightweight

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. And if bacon smells good to you, just imagine how crazy a dog will go over it.

It’s why all their treats smell like it…They LOVE bacon.

With that said, the creators of the Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine took this into consideration.

Not only is this machine an automatic bubble blower, but the bubbles it produces are all filled with a lovely bacon scent. That when popped, will burst with a delicious porky smell you and your dog can enjoy.

With thousands of 100% non-toxic, bacon bubbles in the air, your dog won’t be able to stop jumping, pouncing, and chomping away at every single one he can get!

Unlike other dog toys, the fun never stops with this one…

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Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine Review

How The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine Works

The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine is as easy as it gets. Even your child can do it.

You’ll need 4 AA batteries to power this on.

Then, under the bubble wand of the machine, there’s a small basin to pour your delectable bacon bubble fluid in. Now, just power it on with the switch on the back. And that’s it!

Instantly, the machine will start spinning its built-in wand, dipping the entire thing into the piggy pool, as the motor gently blows waves of bubbles into the air.

You won’t believe how excited your dogs get once they see it happen.

These bubbles are too irresistible for them. Simply setting up the Bubbletastic will set your dog into a frenzy.

Just watch this quick video below of the Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine to see it in action:

As you can see, dogs just can’t help themselves.

Bacon, despite its form, even in bubbles, is always a fool-proof toy/treat for pups.

The rainbow-colored glare on its surface completely enraptures them. Even if they’re regular soapy bubbles, dogs just have to pop them. And now with a delicious bacon-scent added? They’ll rush to eat all of them!

Good news is, these bubbles are completely safe for them to chomp on too…

Bubbletastic Bacon Dog Bubbles Are Safe

Unlike most bubbles, these won’t cause any harm whatsoever. Neither to your dogs or kids.

Again, this is 100% non-toxic. Bubbletastic Bubbles are also made with a special tear-free formula.

So no need to worry when your dogs are running around in the storm of bubbles.

Whether it goes in their mouth, eye, or nose, they’ll be completely fine. The only thing you need to worry about is your dog going bananas over this thing.

You’ll find them begging for more each time, that the saddest part about this machine is when you put it away.

But here’s the best part…

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Don’t Lift A Finger

The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine works automatically.

8oz bottle of Bubbletastic Bacon-Scented Bubbles

Instead of the traditional way of you huffing and puffing to blow bubbles from your wand, this machine does it all.

What you need to do is just refill the reservoir, sit back, and laugh away the cuteness from watching your pup jump around. And let’s not forget, along with your pooch, you’re also rewarded with a scrumptious bacon scent that fills the air!

Now, using the machine can be a bit overpowering though. It can run through the liquid quite fast as it never stops blowing until you switch it off (or when the batteries run out). But no worries…

In every 8oz Bubbletastic Bacon Dog Bubbles is a blowing wand. Certainly not the best option if you have several pups. But if you only have one, you can do without the machine (unless you’re lazy) and use just the wand.

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Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine Review

Every Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine comes with 8oz Bubbletastic Bubbles

If you know your dog loves bacon (what dog doesn’t?) then you can never go wrong with this toy right here.

The Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine is the perfect alternative to traditional dog toys and games.

Instead of fetch with a ball, they can fetch bubbles. Instead of a treat, they can enjoy the tasty bacon scent. And instead of you needing to constantly play with them, you can relax knowing they’ll be entertained for hours on end.

Plus, this is one of the safest toys for dogs. The bubbles are 100% non-toxic. And there’s nothing about this that can break, unlike toys that get ripped up and balls that pop.

Take the Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine out to the yard or in an open-spaced room inside. The fun never stops!

If you want to get your machine now and gift your dog a special toy,

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Once you visit the link above, simply scroll down and hit the “Add To Cart” button. Each Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine comes with a FREE 8oz Bubbletastic Bacon-Scented Bubbles.

P.S. If know your dogs are going to love this toy, you might want to get extra bottles of these special bacon bubbles. Just click here to get one bottle, or a pack of 5, 10, or even 20.

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