Best Shock Collar for Yorkies Puppy & Adult

Although Shock collar for Yorkies puppies and adult dogs is encouraged when your little man barks excessively, we do not support it. Instead, We’ll check out some vet recommended bark and training collars suitable for the size of your pet dog.

Note: The collars recommended here ARE NOT SHOCK COLLARS but ANTI-BARK COLLARS that uses vibrations instead of pain.

The Yorkshire Terrier breed of dog is vocal, alerting you of potential danger at every turn. Some Terriers have been known to get so yappy that neighbors, passer-by’s and families complain.

Not all shock collars are nice on your dog. The ones recommended are humane and fits their perfect little sizes.

Here are some of the best training collar for Yorkies that specifically target their small size and utilize humane methods to train your pup:

Top 5 Bark Collars For Teacup York

Best value


Authen No-Shock Bark Collar


Great quality and price
Best remote-controlled training collar


Elecane Small Dog Bark Collar


Best for teacup Yorkies 4-5 lbs
Best remote-controlled training collar


Goodboy Mini Training Collar


It rids your puppy of bad habits such as biting, jumping and running away.
Most effective


My Pet Command Citronella Spray Collar Features 2-in-2 remote and automatic options with beep and spray functions

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Best Shock Collar for Yorkies

Best Bark Collars for Yorkies

Best value for your money

  • Authen No-Shock Bark Collar

  • Ideal for dogs 6 lbs. – 150 lbs.; Collar adjusts fro, 3.7 in. to 21.5 in.
  • Comes with auto-bark sensor; 2 intensity modes; 5 vibrations levels; no remote
  • No false activation from loud noises or other dohs.

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The Athen No-Shock Dog Bark Collar is a balance between quality and price. It is built with dual motors for dual intensity level. The light mode is perfect for Yorkshire Terriers.

The training modes features 5 vibrations that increases if barking continues for extended period of time. The collar comes with technology that reduces the chance of false corrections triggered by loud noises or other barking dogs.

This lightweight collar comes with 1.3” x 2.4” and has dual adjustable collar options:

  • Belt style, plastic collar
  • Reflective, nylon collar

The controller of this shock collar for small yorkie is waterproof (IP67) and features a lithium battery that can go up to 10 days before needing a recharge.

It takes only 2-3 hours on a USB charging cable to fully recharge. The vibration prongs are covered with silicone caps for maximum comfort.

What we’d change

This device does not allow you to turn off the vibration to use beep mode only. Plus, the collar lacks an auto shut-off for continued barking – it will remain in full vibration mode.

Although the nylon collar brand is a bit wider than a typical collar for mini Yorkie, it’s still fits fine.

  • Elecane Small Dog Bark Collar – The Smallest Bark Collar for Yorkshier Terrier

  • It has an auto-bark sensor; no remote
  • Perfect for toy breeds 4lbs. – 50 lbs. with neck sizes 6 in. – 20 in.
  • No uncomfortable prongs at the contact point

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What we like

The Elecane bark collar is perfect for mini dog breeds; it will work for canines as light as 4 pounds, and is one of the best performing collar for Teacup Yorkie.

It features a lightweight controller that sits at 1.4″ x 1.1″, and an updated microchip helps prevent false triggers from loud noises or other barking dogs.

The Elecane programming is one that automatically sends out a response at the sound of a bark. On the first and second bark, it will alert your dog with a beep, and on the third bark it beeps and then sends a vibration.

Comfortable on the neck, the water resistant controller lacks prongs on the back. These is no fear of irritation when they become bad boys.

A good quality USB cable can charge this device for 1-1.5 hours, and it can hold a charge for up to 14 days.

What we’d change

I find the green “On’ indicator light a bit frustrating since it stays on the entire time the collar is on. Plus, neither the beep or sound can be turned off on its own from one another because the collar is designed to be so basic, which I find quite good but can be bad, depending on your needs.

This model lacks prongs. So, we recommend instead to have your yorkie’s neck hair trimmed short to make the collar most effective.

  • Goodboy Mini Training Collar – Best Yorkie training collar

  • Suitable for smaller dogs, 5 lbs. – 15 lbs.
  • 9 level of vibration control with remote control for training.
  • The remote control has a simple, straightforward design with no excessive buttons or settings

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What we like

The Goodboy Mini training collar concept is way higher than normal doggy anti-bark collars. With the remote control in your hands, you can use this collar to train your pup not to engage in several negative behaviors, such as jumping, biting furniture or people, or running away.

The simple, yet classic buttons on the controller makes giving your pup a warning beep, so easy. In case of an accident, you’d find the nine levels of vibration quite useful.

The max range of this collar is 1,000 feet. So, outdoor play and control is great.

This lightweight, waterproof collar sits at 2” x 1.3”. It also features dual sizes of prongs in case your Yorkie hair is longer, and the remote control supports a second pairing with another collar in case you own two dogs.

The receiver comes with a lithium battery that can go up to a wee before requiring a recharge. To save more battery power, the receiver can go into standby mode after five minutes of no activity.

What we’d change

This model lacks an automatic anti-bark mode; it works manually with a remote. That means you need to keep the remote handy to activate the collar. You can also attach it to a regular collar due to the vibration prongs, unless you punch two holes yourself.

  • My Pet Command Citronella Collar – Best citronella spray bark collar

  • It features an adjustable silicone collar fits dogs with a neck girth of 5.9 in. – 25 in.
  • Remote control range of up to 500 feet
  • Remote-controlled citronella spray plus an auto-bark mode option

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What we like

The My Pet Command Collar is a 2-in-1 water-resistant bark collar: remote control trainer plus an automatic bark collar, for use without the remote.

With the touch of a single button, the collar emits a harmless but unpleasant citronella scent around the dog’s muzzle.

The easy to use buttons allows you control how and when you train your pup. The remote supports up to 500 feet.

The lithium-ion battery recharges on a USB Cable, and the remote uses dual AAA batteries, which are added as extras.

A single charge can go up to 40 hours of use. It takes 2 hours for the collar to recharge.

If you own two dogs, you can pair up to two collars with the remote (you’ll need to buy a second separately).

With each update in tech, false activations get reduced. Unlike many collars that shock or vibrate, this adjustable silicone collar lacks prongs. LED lights will turn on, indicating when it’s time to refill or recharge. Also included are a lanyard, training whistle, and operating guide.

What we’d change

We do not like the fact that the citronella spray is sold differently. Plus, this model is smaller than some of the larger high-capacity models available and therefore will require more frequent refilling; however, the collar’s size is also what makes it suitable to such small dogs

Best E Collar & Remote Dog Training Collar for A Yorkie

Our top picks for the best e collars for Yorkie include the following shock collar and remote training collars:

  • Educator ET-300 Mini E Collar (For dogs 5lbs to 150lbs, and features a low to medium static stimulation, for dogs with soft to normal temperaments. Has 1/2 a mile range)
  • SportDOG FieldTrainer 425X (For dogs 8lbs or larger, with necks that are 5 to 22 inches in size. Comes with  500 yards of range)

Some affordable e collar options include these ones – although you’ll have to check if they are suitable for your dog’s size before ordering:

  • PATPET Dog Training Collar, P-Collar 320 (on Amazon) (The 7.8-24.8 inches adjustable nylon belt is suitable for 15-100 lbs dog)
  • PATPET Dog Training Collar, P-Collar 320A (on Amazon) (The 7.8-24.8 inches adjustable nylon belt is suitable for 15-100 lbs dog)
  • DOG CARE Dog Training Collar (on Amazon) (A cheaper/affordable e collar option. For dogs 15 to 100lbs. Has 330 yards of range)

All of the above e collar models have all three of vibration, tone, and static stimulation training modes.

Best E Collars & Remote Dog Training Collars For Yorkies Reviews

  • Educator ET-300 Mini
  • SportDOG FieldTrainer 425X
  • PATPET Remote Dog Training Collar
  • DOG CARE Remote Dog Training Collar

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