Best manual dog ball launchers

The best manual dog ball launchers as the name imply require the assistance of the dog owner to launch the ball.

They are cheaper, very compatible, and allows you the opportunity to get active alongside your dog.

Unlike the automatic launchers the best manual dog launchers can shoot balls up to 220 feet range.

Best Manual Ball Launchers Review

Are you considering getting a manual ball launcher for your dog?

Best manual dog ball launchers

Make sure that you choose the best manual dog ball launcher for your dog from the list below.

K9 Kannon Ball Launcher

The K9 Kannon ball launcher is the product of Hyper Pet design company. Shaped like a cannon, it’s a fun way for playing launch and fetch with your dog. It has the following features:

  • Standard Size Tennis Balls

It comes with a standard size tennis ball that is rubber-made.

  • Extra Ball Compartment

This extra space for keeping your ball is suitable for longer outdoor fetch activities.

  • Hands-free Ball Pickup

Comes with a hands-free ball pickup mechanism that allows you to pick up the ball without you bending.


  • It has a maximum launch distance of 75 feet.
  • It’s easy to operate and the sound is bearable.


  • The trigger may break after some time.

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Chuckit Manual Dog Ball Launcher

The Chuckit manual dog ball launcher are simple, easy to use, and very price friendly.

A unique thing about Chuckit, is its simplicity. Yet, it still comes with a manual pick-up that lets you pick up the ball without bending your back.
There are many sizes to choose from, which different launchers have their own launching distance.

A regular size of the Chuckit launcher is the 12-inch size and it’s very compatible.
If your dog is a type that loves playing with you on that shallow pool then Chuckit is just the exact manual launcher to use.

This device has been designed to be able to float and be water resistant.


  • It’s simple and compatible.
  • It’s suitable for big dogs.
  • It’s not expensive.
  • It’s water-resistant and applicable for use in the pool.


  • The balls can get slobber.

Nerf Dog Compact Tennis Ball Blaster

This Nerf Dog Compact tennis ball blaster has been designed to be very attractive and enticing to play with.

You can play with it alone, without needing the companion of your dog or when your dog is fast asleep.
It comes with specially made balls called nerf balls and they are safe for you and your dogs.

Not only can you use the nerf balls, it’s compatible with other regular tennis balls. The balls can be shot up to a 50 feet range.
Included in it is a functional pick-up mechanism. All you have to do is to place the gun mouth facing above the ball and it goes in.
It has the 16-inch type and the 20-inch type. Each type has an extra compartment for keeping balls and to keep the fun going.


  • It’s compatible with other regular tennis balls.
  • It has an extra compartment for balls.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • It’s quite heavy

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Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher

The Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher is a big manual launcher. This launcher costs around $20 and has 4 tennis balls included in it.
The Hyper Dog 4 Ball Launcher is very unique among other manual launchers in that, it can shoot up to 200 feet range.


  • It can shoot up to 200 feet range, unlike other manual launchers.
  • You don’t have to assemble the parts and it’s compatible when traveling.
  • It’s worth the price.


  • It’s heavier than other manual launchers
  • The trigger may be difficult to pull.


The best manual dog ball launchers are simple, cheaper, and they launch balls to a farther range than automatic launchers.

Do you want a dog ball launcher that launches the ball automatically and let your dog do the fetching and chasing independently?

We recommend any of the lists above.

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