[Facts plus] Best Grain Free Dog Food For Pitbulls – Must See !

Pitbull is one of the fiercest and most active dog breed.

Though banned in most nations by now.

However, it remains a favorite breed for dog fighting sports due to its activeness.

Mostly term Pitbull implies not one …

But many species of dog that are cross-breed between bull-baiting dogs and terriers.

They are still bred for cattle control.

These therefore require deliberate care and brought up.

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One of the aspects of which is food.

In The End What Is The Best Grain Free Dog Food For Pitbulls?

Based on internet surveys and research based on user feedback following top three feeds are recommended to dog owners for their Pitbull :

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Taste of the wild – It is recommended for its fresher contents and being grain free.

Orijen Adult Dry food – Recommended for fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Wellness Core Grain Free – No Grains, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

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Best Grain Free Dog Food For Pitbulls

What You Should Know about Free Dog Food For Pitbulls?

Most Dog owners never deliberate on diet of their pet until they have to visit a vet in an already adverse condition.

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Dog owners especially those of Pitbull’s should take special care in regard to food.

Best grain free dog food for pitbulls is raw meat and naturally available fresh carbohydrate sources.

However, most Pitbull owners being residents of non-rural areas have neither the time nor resources to obtain these diets.

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Here come dog food brands into play.

Processed and packaged into shapes that attract dog owner and give no clue onto what is being fed to their pets from its appearance, neither fresh nor organic. Most of these contain fillers. Low-quality proteins from bones etc. and carbohydrates from grains providing useless and sometimes harmful bulk of food to be fed to your pets.

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A few words of advice for Pitbull owners that they must take into account while deciding diet for their dogs:

Go for the diets made mostly from meats ad fetch fresh meat if possible. Proteins must note from low-quality sources such as bones, dead animals, etc.

Avoid wheat, corn and soy as major ingredients of diet as they have zero calorie value for your dog. They are just filling in weight and will only bring.

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Avoid diets containing artificial preservatives and flavors. They are also harmful to the health of the dog.

A general guideline of food is that it must include 18-30% protein based on a routine of the specific dog. 70% of which should come from an animal source. It should also contain about 24% fats and only 4% fiber.

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Overall calorie requirement of dog ranges from 900-1850 Calories per day depending on age and activity of Pitbull in question.

For comprehensive diet plan consult veterinary experts.

I really hope there were at least a few interesting tips for you in there!

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