Best Food for Yorkie Puppy

The best food for Yorkie puppies growth is one that contains the right nutrients in their right amounts. No other one does this better than the Royal Canine Yorkie puppy food.

Quick Features of a good food for Yorkie puppy

  • It should come in small pieces
  • Chewing should be easy. The same for swallowing and digesting
  • It needs to be yummy

Best Food for Yorkie Puppy

The best puppy dog food for Yorkies are:



Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dry Food AMAZON
Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Puppy Food AMAZON
Solid Gold Mighty Mini Wet and Dry Food AMAZON
Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High-Calorie Food AMAZON
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Food AMAZON

 Best Dog Foods for Yorkieshire Terriers

You can click any of the links above to check any of our top 5 choices:

Or, keep reading for all the best soft food for Yorkie puppy options!

Best Wet Dog Food for Yorkie Puppies

Wet Yorkie puppy dog is a great staple meal to keep on hand.

It has more water nutrients than dry kibbles and is better for Yorkie with stomach issues.

Adding some wet food as a topper can also add additional moisture to your pet dog’s diet. So, let us begin by looking at some of the best options of wet Yorkie Puppy dog food brands:

  • Solid Gold Dog Food

This wet food is both nourishing and tastes great. You can serve it right out of the container or add it to kibble as a meal topper.

Created with one of the best Yorkie puppy food recipe, a bowl of it will supply all the dietary needs of your puppy; even Yorkie with stomach issues find it relieving.

It lacks fillers, and is free from artificial preservatives or colorings. Available in 5 unique flavors, there is a right one of your Yorkie poo.

  • Merrick Lil’ Plates Wet Dog Food

The second option on this list is this grain free wet puppy food formulated for small and toy breed puppies. Like the first, you can feed it right out of the box and it has been arguably labeled as one of the best food for Teacup puppies.

It is rich in protein (deboned chicken) and will supply your puppy with all the essential nutrients it needs.

best food for yorkie puppy

  • Hill’s Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Puppy Food

The Hill’s Science Brand has been one of the leading pioneers when it comes to making soft food  for Yorkshire Terriers.

This product is no different – this stew food has genetle fiber content and loads of rich vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

It makes use of high quality ingredients, and can be served mixed with dry food or served alone.

Let’s check out some of the best dry food options.

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Best Dry Food for Yorkie Puppies

A lot of doggy parents feed their pup dry kibble as a dietary staple.

The following list of balanced yet complete toy breed dry puppy food brands may be great options.

  • Royal Canin Breed Health Dry Puppy Food

Uniquelly formulated with a special recipe to meet the nutritional requiremnets of Yorkshire Terrier puppies, this dog food is aimed at puppies from 8 weeks to 10 months old.

The kibble is smaller in size and easier to chew on the mouth. Oh! It also keeps their mouth clean.

Besides, this recipe has no additional nourishment to care for your Yorkie poo’s long, silky coat.

  • Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Puppy Food

This special recipe is made to meet the toy breed of dog’s needs. Perfect for dogs that weigh 10 pounds or less as adults, this small kibble comes in perfect sizes to aid your puppy chewing activity.

Each product contains omega fatty acids, DHA, and essential minerals and vitamins. The main ingredient is protein.

  • Hill’s Science Diet Small & Toy Puppy Food

This dog food for Yorkie puppies can be fed to dogs up to 25 pounds at adulthood.

This recipe boasts of essential fatty acids, DHA, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Since this small kibble sized dog meal is made for small breeds of dogs, it is perfect for Yorkies.

Best Grain Free Yorkie Puppy Food

Grain-free food is awesome for puppies with food allergies or tummy issues. As a dog parent, I know grains can be hard for some dogs to digest. That is why we are recommending the top recommended grain-free meal for your dog.

  • Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Puppy Food

Another wonderful option is the Wellness Core Dry Puppy Fod.

This grain-free Yorkie puppy food comes with three types of proteins, minerals, vitamins, DHA, and probiotics to aid in digestion.

It is made in the USA, and lacks meat-byproducts, artificial flavors or filler.

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Puppy Food is yet another amazing option.

This grain free natural puppy food comes with crunchy kibble mixed with mineral bits and vitamins for additional flavor and variety.

It uses real chicken to encourage muscle growth, as 30% of its ingredients. Plus, it has a helpful transition chart, if you’re changing to this food from something different.

  • Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Prairie Puppy Food

It is packed full of protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, superfoods, DHA, and essential fatty acids.

The primary ingredient of this food is irresistible.

Best Dog Food for Yorkie Puppy with Sensitive Stomachs

Yorkie puppies are sometimes sensitive to fillers, additives, artificial ingredients, by-products, and even certain proteins.

Some Yorkies thrive better on food and special treats designed for puppies with food allergies or sensitive somach.

Often, your veterinarian will recommend offering a limited ingredient diet (L.I.D.) dog food.

  • CANIDAE Limited Ingredient Puppy Food

If you need a food for Yorkie Puppies with sensitive stomach or skin allergies, then look no further!

The CANIDAE Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Puppy Food is the perfect fix!

This whole foods-based limited ingredient recipe is formulated to support the high nutritional needs of puppies in a simple-to-digest, highly palatable kibble.

Each flavor uses less than 10 ingredients, and never comes with grains.

There are 6 protein options, and added probiotics to support healthy digestion.

  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Puppy Food

Using a L.I.R means that this dog food features two main ingredients.

With additional nutrients in a tasty small kibble that is easier for puppies to grasp and chew.

This Yorkie Terrier puppy food is in two flavors: lamb and brown rice, or potato and duck.

Lastly, this is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and is designed to keep their skin healthy and shiny.

  • Nutro Natural Choice Limited Ingredients Puppy Food

Specially formulated to help your puppy develop healthy-shiny coat and skin.

Plus, it supports whole-puppy development and growth.

It uses real lamb as its first ingredients, and comes with a variety of minerals and vitamins to benefit your pup.

  • Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Puppy Dietary Supplement

Highly nutritious, you can feed this as a treat or meal topper.

It is rich in essential fatty acids and loads of fat, moisture, and fat.

This is the best dog food for Picky Yorkie puppies.

  • Enercal High Calorie Nutritional Supplement Gel

This easy-to-digest dog food for a Yorkie puppy is nourishing and easy to digest.

  • Pet’s Choice Nutri-Vyte Supplement

What makes this dog food unique is its  blood sugar rebalancing ability. It can supply plenty quick nutrition to your Yorkie poo.

Best Food for Teacup Yorkie Puppy Dogs

Owing a teacup Yorkie means being a pack leader to a dog smaller than a regular Yorkie.

So, you’ll need to find the best food for teacup Puppies to ensure your dog gets all its essential nutrients.

Take a look at some of these options for the best food for teacup Yorkie puppy dogs.

  • JustFood for Dogs Puppy Food

The JustFood for Dogs uses all natural ingredients that are high quality and veterinary approved.

This best food for Yorkie puppy comes with an helpful weight guide on the back, to help you change portion sizes as your puppy grows.

  • Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food

Perfect for dogs who are younger than 12 months old, this Yorkshire Terrier puppy food option comes with a helpful feeding table, that offers a guide for dogs as small as 2 pounds.

All of the dog food brands discussed here are what constitutes our favorite picks of the best food for teacup Yorkie puppy dogs who are often smaller than most foods recognize!

Do not hesitate to share with us what you feed your puppies!

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