Best Ball To Use For The iFetch

With your newest dog ball launcher, the iFetch, you might be wondering whether the iFetch tennis balls it comes with, are the best ones to play with. After all, you do know there are a ton of different tennis balls, chew balls, rubber balls, etc. that you can use with the iFetch.

So with so many to choose from, what’s the best ball to use for the iFetch?

The answer is simple. And in this quick post, I’m going to show you a few options you might like, instead of the usual iFetch tennis ball.

Now you might be asking, “Does it really matter what ball you use?”

Yes, very much so!


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Let me explain…

Buying A Good Ball Will Save You Time And Money


Let’s first go over how it can save you time…

A big concern people have after buying an iFetch is that their dog won’t play with it. Or that their dog will take too long to learn. You might have these same thoughts. Well the good news is, an easy way to solve these two problems is to get a ball your dog will love, that can also be used with the iFetch.


Now, how does buying a good ball save you money?

Most tennis balls can be (and often are) chewed up quickly, making them useless. And leading to you having to spend cash on several more. Don’t let this be you… Buying a quality ball that’s nearly indestructible and well made, solves this problem.

And there are many out there.

Below, I will show you a few alternatives for both the iFetch and the iFetch Too.

Best Ball To Use For The iFetch

Best Balls For The iFetch And iFetch Too

First, the iFetch…

The iFetch uses mini-sized tennis balls. So any ball that’s 1.5 inches in diameter, can be used.

However, if your dog doesn’t like the regular tennis ball, the Extra Small KONG Squeakair will be a great alternative.

Unlike the iFetch balls, these balls squeak!

Many people have had success with these. In fact, sellers from iFetch even recommend using these if your dog doesn’t like the balls it comes with.

Plus, these KONG balls squeak! This will be a great way to keep your dog focused if he loves these types of toys.

Also, they’re much cheaper than the iFetch balls.

Now for the iFetch Too, because it uses your regular, standard-sized tennis ball (2.5 inches in diameter), you have many options to choose from.

Again, the KONG Squeakair balls are great. Just make sure to get them in medium size.

Or, another ball you can use for the iFetch Too is the Planet Dog Rubber Ball.

Alternative rubber ball for the iFetch Too

These balls are a bit more expensive than regular sized tennis balls, but because these are rubber instead of fuzzy on the outside, they’re almost indestructible. This is another ball that the people of iFetch recommended.

And if you know your dog hates regular tennis balls, these are perfect for you.

Another tennis ball they recommended is the Medium ChuckIt! Tennis Balls.

Another great ball for the iFetch

ChuckIt! is a reliable brand and sells many different types of balls. And according to them, these balls have an extra-thick rubber core. Allowing maximum playtime and long-lasting wear. Plus, you’ll never lose them because they’re so colorful.

Final Words

What ball you use for your iFetch, will always be different from the next person. It all depends on your dog’s preference.

If your dog loves regular tennis balls, you can always stick with the ones the iFetch comes with.

But after they’re worn out, you might want to check the options above because they’re a lot more cost-effective.

And remember, you aren’t limited to just these options.

The iFetch can launch any ball that’s 1.5 inches in diameter. And the iFetch Too can launch any ball that’s 2.5 inches in diameter.

So if your dog already has a favorite ball he loves to play with, just use that one. Chances are, it can probably fit in the launcher.

But if not, you now know several alternatives that you can easily buy.

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