At What Age Do Yorkies Calm Down? 2-3? SEE HERE

Like humans, dogs are more active when they’re younger but will mellow out as they become older.

So, when do Yorkies begin to calm down? Yorkshire Terriers tend to calm down around the age of 2 or 3 as they become mature.

At What Age Do Yorkies Calm Down?

They begin to calm down at age 2-3 but become most calm at the age of 8. That time, they get worn out easily. This means that regular exercise will be one of the most effective means of controlling and eliminating hyperactive behaviors.

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But, as pet owners, you should not wait until they “grow out of” hyper behaviors wwhen they leave the puppy stage. Yorkshire terriers are loaded with energies! But there are quick fixes to that.

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At What Age Do Yorkies Calm Down

Quick Tips on calming a Yorkie Down

Exercise – Regular exercise keeps them in shape and burns away excess energy.

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Playing Games – Games are great at stimulating your dog. He or she uses more of his energy and gets drained, quick.

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Rewarding the Positive – By patting your dog or throwing him a treat, you’re telling him that you prefer a calmer dog. Sooner or later, he will get it and will be of best behavior.

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Clicker Training – This is yet another effective way to train your dog to be calm at the sound of a click.

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Socializing with Other Dogs – By meeting and playing with other dogs, your canine can expel huge amounts of energy. In that manner, he gets tired and will be willing to go to bed.

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